JitterLabs is an independent test lab for characterizing timing noise in clock signals. We also provide a software-as-a-service application that helps clocks vendors organize their products' data, and make it accessible and useful to others. So clock vendors can provide superior customer service and attract new business. And system vendors can select the best devices for new designs. More

Device Suppliers

Build an online catalog of digital Test Reports designed to showcase your products' performance. Share Test Reports with customers to win business. Use our application to evaluate your devices in your customers' systems.

Device Consumers

Access your suppliers' Test Reports online with their permission. Our services are designed from the ground up for making apples-to-apples comparisons of devices. Determine device compliance to specifications you or others create.

Free Offers

Not sure if our services are right for your company? Get started with a free Test Report and free 1 year Premium Plan subscription, with no commitment to purchase anything later. Premium Plan auto-converts to Free Plan upon expiring.

Don't need a Test Report? We also provide custom testing.

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