Press Releases

8/21/2017 — JitterLabs launches independent clock-compliance program for PCIe v4.0

10/1/2015 — JitterLabs opens doors to simplify clock-signal analysis for device vendors and their suppliers

News & Events

1/31/2018 — JitterLabs presents PCI Express GEN4 Clock Jitter Measurements Using Phase Noise Methodology at DesignCon, Santa Clara, CA.

1/18/2018 — JitterLabs presents "Methodologies for PCIe5 Refclk Jitter Analysis" at PCI-SIG Electrical Workgroup Face-to-Face meeting, Tektronix, Santa Clara, CA.

12/12/2017 — JitterLabs and Rohde & Schwarz present Measurement Challenges for PCIe4 seminar in Milpitas, CA.

4/11/2017 — The cloud comes to test: Engineers are finding that using the cloud for data storage, analysis, and instrument control offers an alternative to using internal resources, Electronic Products article by Martin Rowe.

1/24/2017 — JitterLabs begins offering live online classes for Jitter Essentials and Phase Noise Fundamentals.

11/17/2016 — JitterLabs presents a public seminar titled Phase Noise Terminology, Measurement, and Analysis for the IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society, Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting at National Instruments in Santa Clara, CA.

9/14/2016 — JitterLabs and Cisco Systems co-present a talk titled Automated Methodology for Reference Clock Selection in High-speed SERDES Interfaces at the Cisco PCB Hardware Conference 2016 in San Jose, CA.