Custom Testing
Independent test lab for characterizing jitter, phase noise, and more in clock/timing signals.

Test whatever you need, at an affordable hourly rate.

Our Test Reports are the most cost effective solution to provide a comprehensive set of measurements sought by the timing community. However, it is a packaged service. There may be times when you want less, or different, measurements than a Test Report provides. For that, we offer custom testing. Ideal for design verification, engineering development, and troubleshooting, custom testing provides full access to the world-class equipment in our laboratory and expert staff to operate it.

All work is billed at an hourly rate, making costs predictable, and giving you the flexibility to adjust testing as your project evolves. Many measurements, including phase noise, can be completed in an hour or less. Ship us your device today and let us know how you'd like us to test it. Or, bring your device in and direct us during the measurement. We'll save the data (outside the JitterLabs app) and send it to you directly.

See our Pricing page for more details. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Jitter (all types). Phase noise. Spurious noise. VCO characteristics. PLL characteristics. Jitter transfer function. VCO modulation bandwidth. Allan deviation. Harmonics. Power supply noise. Baseband noise. Amplitude noise. Power supply induced jitter. And more...