Pricing and refund policies are shown below for all of our services. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Custom Test Services

Custom Testing provides access to world-class equipment with expert staff to operate it.

Test time is billed at $295/hour (minimum one hour).

Web Services

Test Reports

A Test Report summarizes a comprehensive set of measurements characterizing the performance of a device at one frequency and temperature. Test Reports are accessed online with the JitterLabs app. Any organization that purchases a Test Report owns it, and controls access to it by other organizations. Any organization can use the app to easily request permission to access any other organization's content, such as Test Reports, specifications, and functions. Each organization is responsible for qualifying other organizations before sharing data with them in the virtual world, as done in the physical world.

General Pricing

Each Test Report is priced as follows (refer to the Test Report page for included measurements and other deliverables).

Standard Test Report:  $499

PCIe4 Test Report:  $1499

Volume Discount Pricing

PCIe4 Test Reports are quoted with a $500 discount for each report after the 2nd report.

Testing at Temperature Pricing

The pricing above reflects testing at room temperature (25 ℃). Testing can also be performed using a temperature chamber, for an additional fee.

Testing at other than 25 ℃:   add $499 per Test Report

Interested in submitting a device for us to test? Watch a video to learn how.

Subscription to the JitterLabs App


JitterLabs provides web services using a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. Instead of purchasing software, businesses pay an annual subscription fee to access the JitterLabs app online in a web browser. This eliminates software and hardware maintenance for customers, and allows us to release updates and bug fixes as soon as they become available.

Web services are priced as follows.

Annual subscription fee:  Contact JitterLabs *


Subscriptions are sold to businesses. Each business can register one or more organizations to use with the JitterLabs app. An organization's registration is based on its e-mail domain name. Each subscription plan covers one registered organization.

We recommend smaller companies (less than 50 people) register one organization to cover all employees. Larger companies must register one organization per department, division, or business unit. The benefits of registering multiple organizations are discussed in the FAQ.

Premium Plan
Free Plan
Administrator Console
Access Test Reports
Demo Reports
Access Specifications
Access Functions
Own Test Reports
Own Specifications
Own Functions
Export Data
Create PDF Reports

Features common to all plans

Additional features for Premium Plan


Fees associated with custom testing and Test Reports are non-refundable.

Paid subscriptions are valid until the subscription period ends, and may not be cancelled or refunded for unrealized months. The subscription is warranted as described in the Terms Of Service (see Section 4).